Igniting the Potential of
Individuals and Organisations

We help individuals and organisations supercharge their performance. We are committed
 to facilitating radical positive change, and to creating lasting results!

Changing What You Think is Possible…

The Beyond Limits Group is run by Kyle Newman, a leading expert in individual and organisational development. Across the group we work both in the UK and internationally to help individuals and organisations ignite their potential and supercharge their performance. We are committed to facilitating radical positive change and to creating lasting results!

Our Mission

“To inspire individuals to step into leadership and create not only great lives for themselves, and those closest to them, but to also make a difference and a positive contribution to the world in whatever way feels right to them.”

“To inspire organisations to be be a force for good in the world. To not only be successful commercially, but to also create working cultures whereby their employees thrive and love their work, and do their best work, and to operate in a sustainable way that supports the environment, local communities, and make a better world for all.”

Our Commitment

“To design truly inspirational and transformational programmes that make a real difference to people’s lives, and to the performance of the organisations we work with – delivered by exceptional coaches, consultants, trainers and facilitators who are at the top of their field.”

By designing and delivering high quality coaching and development programmes, and creating an environment in which you feel inspired and supported, we can ignite your potential and supercharge your performance in both your life and work.

The Group

Through the Beyond Limits Group, Kyle and his first-class team provide a range of personal and professional development services to different client groups. So whether you’re an organisation looking to enhance your commercial performance through leadership and team development, a business owner looking to take your business to the next level, or an individual seeking to make changes in your life, career, or health and wellness – we have the right programme for you.


Move Beyond

Live Your Dream

Ignite your dreams... 
supercharge your life...

Don't settle!
Design, engineer and live your dream life... and unleash a happier, healthier, and wealthier you!

Lead Beyond

Organisational Development

Grow your people... 
enhance performance...

Advanced organisational development programmes to develop leaders and teams for enhanced commercial performance.

Adventure Beyond

Life Changing Adventures

The ultimate life
changing experience...

Combining trips to some of the most  awe inspiring, places on the planet with transformational personal development programmes.

The Beyond Foundation

Future Talent

Inspiring & educating future entrepreneurs & leaders. 

Igniting and empowering the generation of future entrepreneurs and leaders to bring forth a thriving, just, sustainable world.

Move Beyond

For Individuals - Live Your Dream

Ignite Your Dreams… Supercharge Your Life!

Move Beyond’s mission is for you to design, engineer, and live your dream life and unleash a happier, healthier and wealthier you! 

Move Beyond works with entrepreneurs, professionals, and their families to help them make the changes they want, and ‘live their dream’ in every aspect of their life, including their career, business, finances, health and well-being, and relationships.

Our sole purpose is to help you make your dreams a reality and ultimately become happier, healthier and wealthier! Join our existing clients who are already harnessing their natural talents and making giant leaps forward. Our coaching and performance development programmes will help you get to know yourself better, increase your confidence, gain momentum – along with a stronger sense of direction and purpose, and ultimately sky-rocket your success and start making the things you dream of happen.

We believe it is possible to create the life you want without selling your soul, making big sacrifices or losing your identity – and we’ll show you how! If you want to live your dream, be the best you can be, and get more out of your life and work – then the programmes we offer at Move Beyond are perfect for you!.

We’ve put together a team of top coaches and developed a range of specialised programmes to help you move toward your dreams in every area of your life and work. We’ve got a proven track record working with hundreds of clients and know what it takes to generate consistent results. We’re based primarily in the UK and Europe, but work with clients all over the world.

Visit the website to find out how we can help you live your dream

Lead Beyond

For Organisations - Leadership & Team Development

Developing Leaders & Teams for Enhanced Commercial Performance

Lead Beyond  delivers our Organisation Development services. Lead Beyond  is an organisational development consultancy dedicated to helping organisations enhance their commercial performance by developing one of their most valuable assets – their people.

The most innovative strategies, processes, and technology are only as effective as the people operating and implementing them and that’s where we come in. We work with you to build on your current successes and will design and deliver bespoke executive, leadership and team development programmes to create a collaborative performance culture and keep your organisation at the leading edge.

The result is a happier, more effective workforce driving the business and its’ employees in a positive strategic direction, inspiring people into effect action, and yielding dramatic positive changes in both corporate culture and bottom-line results.

Our Services Include:

  • Advanced Leadership Development
  • Team Development & Team Coaching
  • Executive & Leadership Coaching
  • Facilitation & Training
  • Corporate Wellness

Visit the website to find out how we can help you  enhance your organisations commercial performance

Adventure Beyond

The Ultimate Life Changing Experience

Take Time Out & Transform Your Life!

Adventure Beyond combines group adventure trips to some of the most beautiful, awe inspiring, places on the planet with transformational coaching and personal development programmes to create the ultimate life changing experience and help you transform your life.

Each trip is carefully designed so that the destination and activities create an inspiring backdrop and a transformational experience in of itself. Then we add our first-rate coaches into the mix to inspire and challenge you and take you through a series of powerful learning and growth processes to ensure that you shift your life to a whole new level.

The Experience

The Adventure Beyond Life Changing Adventure Experience combines time out in nature with outdoor adventure activities and transformational personal coaching coaching, so you can answer your big questions and  create the change you want in your life. Of course, the experience is deeply rejuvenating too – spending a couple of weeks exploring amongst interesting, like minded people.

First, whilst exploring some of the most awe-inspiring places on the planet and taking in spectacular landscapes, you’ll connect with your passions, purpose and uncover what a rewarding and fulfilling life really looks like for you. You’ll overturn unsatisfying situations and make choices that are fully aligned with who you are.

Then we give you intensive coaching that’s entirely focused on you. Working through the exercise and coaching process, you’ll have time, space and expert support to focus on what’s really important. The outcome is clarity, renewed momentum and a plan for what you need to do

The Adventure Beyond Experience contains four key elements, each designed to help you make big leaps forward in your life and crate the change that you are seeking…

  • Get Away from it All
  • Get Inspired
  • Get Fired Up
  • Come Back and Live Your Dream

So if you’re ready for a life changing adventure, visit the website to find out more about our upcoming trips

The Beyond Foundation

Future Talent

Inspiring and Educating Future Entrepreneurs and Leaders

As the philanthropic arm of the Beyond Limits Group, founded by its CEO Kyle Newman, the Beyond Foundation aims to ignite and empower the generation of future entrepreneurs and leaders to bring forth a thriving, just, sustainable world.

Kyle believes strongly that the young entrepreneurs and leaders of the future will be the ‘linchpins’ or ‘catalysts’ that facilitate change on both a local and global scale. As we wake up to the real state of the world, it becomes abundantly clear that the next couple of decades will be the most critical in history. A convergence of crises – poverty, inequality, economic instability, materialism, climate disruption, and ecological unravelling – are all threatening human civilisation as a whole.Young Leaders

We believe that it is these young people who will become the leaders of the future and bring forth the transformation needed on a global scale to create a thriving, just, sustainable world that works for all, and the goal of the Beyond Foundation is to ‘wake up the younger generation’, and to find and equip these future leaders and entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills and conviction to take the bold and systemic action needed to transform our whole society. The Foundation is currently in it’s research and design phase and is scheduled to launch in 2022. We’re planning on offering 3 core programmes along with an extensive online learning and support community:

  • Wake Up to Your Future
  • Young Entrepreneurs Programme
  • Future Leaders Programme

Visit the website to learn more about The Beyond Foundation and opportunities to get involved by donating, commissioning us to run a pilot workshop, or contribute to our research and development.

Beyond Limits Group Founder

Kyle Newman

Ignite your leadership, transform your life, and set yourself, or your organisation, on a bold and fearless path for the future?

Kyle has an innate gift for working with individuals and organisations to help them ignite their creativity and potential, and blaze their trail. He is quickly able to help them identify and set fire to the obstacles that are holding them back, and excels at helping them breakthrough limits and boundaries and step into new territory. Kyle is an expert adventurer and guide and has a unique ability to see the way forward, even when others can’t. Not only pointing the way, but also walking alongside his clients as they make their journey.

For the past two decades, Kyle has dedicated his life to understanding how to help individuals and organisations thrive. At the beginning of this journey he began as one of the early pioneers of the coaching and development industry. Completing his initial training and setting up Move Beyond when the industry was barely in its infancy. Some 20 years later, despite only being in his mid-forties, he is now a veteran in this field and has a vast breadth of experience in his personal and professional development arsenal which he brings to help his clients truly live, and lead, untamed and unafraid!

As a trailblazing international coach, facilitator and speaker, he works with a range of clients from entrepreneurs and professionals, to CEO’s and senior leaders from global organisations.

Whether he’s working with a young entrepreneur or an executive board, Kyle has an innate ability to capture both hearts and minds and ignite the spark that fuels seemingly magical transformation – enabling his clients to blaze their trail! He takes them on a journey from fear, self-doubt and dissatisfaction to boldness and limitless possibility. He is a true master at designing high impact, transformational personal and organisational development programmes, that help his clients to burn brightly, exceed their expectations and set the world ablaze. So send up a flare and let Kyle ignite the spark that fuels your bright future.

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